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Family and Community Life in Northeastern Ontario: The Interwar Years Kindle Edition

by Françoise Noël  (Author)  

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An extensive series of interviews with local residents and a reconstruction of local news and events as chronicled in The Nugget newspaper, among other sources, allow Noël to bring to life the daily routines and celebrations that were a part of family life in rural and urban settings from Mattawa to North Bay. Family life was not lived in isolation, and she also reveals the rich community life that developed in shared social spaces like schools and churches, and through community groups. What people did for fun may have been frivolous but it was not trivial: accounts of shared leisure activities, popular sports, and community festivals such as Old Home Week provide important insights into the structure and value of community life.

Wings of Fire Boxset, Books 1-5 (Wings of Fire) Paperback – September 8, 2015 by Tui T. Sutherland  (Author)

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The New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series is more collectible than ever in this five-book paperback boxed set!

A war has been raging between the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia for years. According to a prophecy, five dragonets will end the bloodshed and choose a new queen. But not every dragonet wants a destiny. And when Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny discover the truth about their unusual, secret upbringing, they might choose freedom over fate -- and find a way to save their world in their own way.

Discover the first five thrilling installments in the bestselling Wings of Fire series, now in one red-hot boxed set: The Dragonet Prophecy;The Lost HeirThe Hidden KingdomThe Dark Secret; and The Brightest Night.


School's Out! (Dragon Detective) Kindle Edition by Gareth P. Jones (Author) 

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“The Dragon Detective Agency. Dirk Dilly speaking.”

Holly is desperate to be sleuthing with her partner-in-solving-crime, dragon Dirk Dilly, but instead she’s stuck at her exclusive boarding school for children of the rich and famous. She’s determined to escape, until she meets Callum, the son of the Prime Minister, who claims he was kidnapped by dragons a year ago and hasn’t been the same since. And when Dirk’s own investigation into dragon activity brings him to the school, the two cases collide. What if Callum isn't as crazy as he seems?

The second instalment in a fun and action-packed detective series for fans of TOTO THE NINJA CAT, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and Tom Fletcher’s children’s books!

The Eyes of Darkness  Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Dean Koontz (Author), Tanya Eby (Narrator), Brilliance Audio (Publisher)

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A year had passed since little Danny's death - A year since his mother began the painful process of acceptance. But Tina Evans could have sworn she just saw her Danny in a stranger's car...Then she dreamed that Danny was alive. And when she awoke, she found a message waiting for her in Danny's bedroom - Two disturbing words scrawled on his chalkboard: NOT DEAD.

Was this someone's grim joke? Her mind playing tricks on her? Or something ...more? For Tina Evans, it was a mystery she couldn't escape. An obsession that would lead her from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the cold shadows of the High Sierras. A terrible secret seen only by...The Eyes of Darkness